8 Tips for Acquiring Quality Facebook Fans

It’s not about just growing your Facebook followers; It’s about acquiring good quality fans willing to engage with your Page repeatedly. We’ve all heard that high-quality content keeps users returning to the Page. But how can you draw new followers?

Examine the effectiveness of your content using Facebook insights.

Facebook has made recent adjustments in the Facebook Page layouts and now offers an overview of Facebook Insights when you open your Page. It’s an excellent reminder to look deeper into your Insights to determine the most engaging content with your followers.

Page Insights can be found in your Facebook Page’s Administration Panel.

The most crucial measure to monitor is virality. The term “virality” refers to the percentage of people who have written an account (liked or commented on, or shared) of your blog post from your total of users who have read it. Generally, I’ll judge a blog article to be sufficiently engaging to encourage (or to continue a promotion) when it has between 4% and 5 % Virality.

Share your Facebook page’s link to the world wide web.

Share the news about your Facebook page. Include the Page’s Facebook Page URL in Twitter’s profile description or include it on the profile of your Pinterest page, and many more. Whatever social networks you’re on, look for a space in your bio where you can add the URL directly to the Facebook company page click here.

Include the link on your personal Facebook page and hyperlink it to your blogs in your articles (if it’s one you own).

Consider timing

Timing is an essential aspect to consider. Don’t make posts too often within a short amount of time. It’s just a waste of your time. Give yourself at least one hour (or longer) to ensure you don’t annoy your Facebook users and affect your chances of success using Facebook’s Edge Rank.

Edge rank will mark your Page if you publish too many times during a particular time. Edge rank will decide that your content doesn’t have to be displayed in the same number of News Feeds, limiting your reach.

Send this link to your friends.

It’s not advised to recommend your profile to each of your Facebook friends unless they’re all close friends and your family. Consider your friends who could likely be interested in following your Page. If you constantly ask users to follow your Page and they become frustrated.

Embed widgets onto your blog and website

Including widgets in your blog can help make your Facebook Page easy to share with friends via your blog or website. Users will not need to go to Facebook to follow your Page, and it’s there on the website for visitors to like it. Convenience!

The Like button widget will assist you in gaining even more Facebook likes.

If you’ve got an online blog, be sure you get sharing widgets for your blog posts. It’s an excellent way for readers to share your posts on Facebook.

Run Contests.

Promoting and running contests on your Facebook page can bring in new followers. Contests can be simple to create and do not require any technical expertise. No matter how many fans you have currently, Contests are a great way to increase the number of fans you have and your levels of engagement.

Wish Pond makes it easy to run Facebook contests. Look through our customer case studies to learn how organizing contests has helped the company.

Create Facebook Ads.

Facebook Advertising is an effective way to reach new users and provide your campaign with an increase! Do you want to connect with your target audience, but nobody is aware of the existence of your Facebook page?

Facebook Ads are excellent for bringing attention to new Facebook users. They could turn into followers for your business. Promote helpful content instead of advertisements for products and services to let them know that you are providing the best value.

Add your Facebook Page’s link to the email address of your signature.

Consider how many emails you mail out per day. Include a hyperlink to your Facebook page in your signature email will make it easy for those who want to visit your company.


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