Are You Eligible for a Byetta Lawsuit?

Those of you who have experienced side effects from Byetta may be interested in knowing if you are eligible to file a lawsuit against the drug company. If you have experienced problems with the drug, such as kidney and thyroid problems, you may be eligible for a lawsuit.

Pancreatic cancer

Several studies have been conducted, and they have all shown that Byetta is associated with an increased risk of pancreatic cancer. However, the manufacturer of Byetta may have failed to adequately warn patients of these risks. If this is the case, a Byetta lawsuit may be filed against the manufacturer.

A recent study by UCLA researchers found that patients taking Byetta were 2.9 times more likely to develop pancreatic cancer. Byetta is a drug that helps control blood sugar levels for type 2 diabetics. It forces the pancreas to produce insulin. However, it can cause pancreatitis, which is inflammation of the pancreas. Having pancreatitis increases the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Byetta is not the only type of diabetes medication to have been associated with pancreatic cancer. Other drugs such as Januvia and Victoza are also linked to an increased risk of cancer.

The lawsuits allege that Byetta was defective because the manufacturer failed to warn the public about the risks associated with the drug. It is likely that the drug would have never been approved had the FDA had been aware of these risks.

If you or a loved one has taken Byetta or Januvia, you should discuss your legal options with an attorney as soon as possible. You may be able to recover compensation for pain and suffering, as well as medical bills and lost wages. If you have lost a loved one to pancreatic cancer, you may also be able to recover funeral expenses and emotional support.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it is advisable that you speak with a medical professional as soon as possible. The disease can be very serious. It can lead to an irreversible injury to the pancreas.

The risk of pancreatic cancer is very high, and the disease does not have a known cure. The early detection of the disease can improve the long-term prognosis. During the early stages, there are no symptoms. Symptoms usually appear only after the cancer has metastasized. However, there are several treatment options available to patients, including surgery, chemotherapy, and palliative care.

Thyroid cancer

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with thyroid cancer or have witnessed a loved one get this disease, you might be eligible for a Byetta lawsuit. This type of lawsuit is based on the notion that Byetta was sold without adequate warnings.

As the FDA reviewed reports of thyroid cancer, it discovered that Byetta users had a four to seven-fold increase in risk of the disease compared to nonusers. This result was confirmed by medical records review.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Byetta, knew about this connection, but failed to alert the medical community. Instead, the company marketed the drug as a long-acting version of Byetta called Bydureon. It also carried a “black box” warning about the increased risk of thyroid cancer.

A study in the journal Gastroenterology showed that Byetta users had a 4.7-fold increase in their risk of developing thyroid cancer. Researchers also found that people who used the drug had a five-fold increase in their risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals is now the subject of a lawsuit from Elizabeth Childress, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2011. She was treated with Byetta for months before being diagnosed with the disease. She then sought medical care to help minimize the spread of her tumors.

In addition to this lawsuit, Amylin Pharmaceuticals is also accused of failing to warn of the risk of thyroid cancer. The company is accused of knowingly selling a medication that can cause cancer, negligent misrepresentation, and fraudulent concealment.

As a result of this lawsuit, the FDA has ordered Amylin to perform six post-marketing studies. The studies were designed to determine whether the drug’s side effects could increase the risk of thyroid cancer.

In addition, the FDA has received 30 reports of patients who developed acute pancreatitis while taking Byetta. The studies involved participants who had taken the drug for up to a year and were followed until the end of their CT or OS follow-up.

Although the studies found that Byetta increased the risk of thyroid cancer, researchers are unable to determine exactly what type of thyroid cancer may be associated with Byetta.

Kidney problems

Taking Byetta might not be a good idea if you have kidney problems. The FDA has warned about the possibility of kidney failure and recently approved changes to the Byetta labeling to warn patients of the dangers.

The FDA has received 78 reports of kidney problems associated with the drug. Most cases were reported between three days and two years after taking Byetta. In some cases, patients required the drug to be turned off. In others, patients required kidney transplants.

The FDA has updated the prescribing information for Byetta to emphasize a more prudent dosage for patients with moderate kidney impairment. There are also rumors abound that the company may have made some questionable decisions when it came to product design, manufacture and distribution. If you or a loved one has experienced kidney problems as a result of taking Byetta, you may be able to obtain compensation. If you have questions about your options, you can contact a legal team with experience in this area for a free consultation.

A kidney failure can lead to severe illness and even death. Treatment usually involves hospitalization and intravenous medications. In some cases, a kidney transplant may be required to help alleviate long term complications.

A Byetta lawsuit can help you get compensation for your medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, contact a lawyer with experience in the subject matter for a free consultation. The attorneys at Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC have recovered over two billion dollars in settlements for their clients. They are not currently investigating new potential Byetta kidney failure lawsuits.

The FDA has not released any data on the frequency of kidney problems attributed to the drug, but the fact that patients have experienced this side effect should not be ignored. The agency has released a list of patients who have experienced the aforementioned symptoms in its Adverse Event Reporting System. This includes patients ages 23 to 83 years old.

The FDA has also taken a close look at a handful of clinical trials involving Byetta and has approved revisions to the package insert to warn patients of the risks.

Wrongful death

Depending on your state, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by a victim’s family. These lawsuits are designed to compensate the family for medical expenses, lost wages, funeral costs and other expenses. In some cases, punitive damages are also awarded. These damages are designed to discourage similar acts in the future.

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against a company whose product caused a person’s death. This is because the manufacturer had a duty to warn consumers of the potential risks associated with a product. In cases of medical malpractice, the physician or pharmacist may also be held liable.

If your loved one died after taking Byetta, you may be able to file a lawsuit. Many Byetta lawsuits have been filed against the company, but few have produced significant verdicts.

The FDA has been investigating the link between Byetta and pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. In addition to these injuries, patients have reported kidney failure and thyroid cancer. The FDA has received hundreds of reports on these side effects.

In October 2012, Guy Riley filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Merck and Eli Lilly. He claimed that the medication caused pain and suffering prior to his death. He also alleged strict liability and deceit by concealment.

Byetta is a relatively new drug. It was approved by the FDA in 2005. However, it has since been linked to pancreatitis and pancreatic and thyroid cancer. This has resulted in skyrocketing medical bills.

A wrongful death lawsuit is filed on behalf of a victim’s family, who must prove that the defendant’s actions caused their loved one’s death. Successful wrongful death lawsuits often result in millions of dollars in damages, including lost wages, medical expenses and funeral costs.

If you believe your loved one suffered an injury or death because of a wrongful act, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. They will help you determine the best way to proceed with your claim. They will also work to protect your legal rights.

The wrongful death statute of limitations varies from state to state. In most cases, a lawsuit must be filed within two years of the incident. However, personal injury claims have shorter deadlines.

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