Build the Closet of Your Dreams: A Walk-in Closet with Shoe Cabinet

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We’ve all seen the walk-in closets of celebrities, but they’re no longer reserved just for the rich and famous! If you don’t have the money to hire an interior designer, there are plenty of ways to create an impressive walk-in closet in your own home without having to break the bank. By building your own custom closet with just the right combination of storage and display, you can transform your bedroom into an organization haven that will streamline your everyday life and keep everything tidy and out of sight!

The beauty of walk-in closets

An organized closet is alluring. The walk-in, modern closet we’re about to explore is no exception. As you’ll see, it’s a roomy space for clothes and shoes to live happily ever after. Allure Closets will show you how to build your own walk-in closets in detail, but here are some basics that every modern closet needs. Build this dream modern closet from scratch with these five essential components: clothing rods, shelving units, shoe cabinets, drawers and racks. When deciding on the dimensions for this particular design (and any design), keep in mind that 6’6 tall people need at least 8′ wide by 10′ deep by 7′ high if they want plenty of clothing storage. The modern closet below is 8′ wide x 11′ long x 7′ high—which means there’s plenty of space left over when someone who’s taller than 6’6 steps inside.

The benefits of a walk-in closet

A walk-in closet, like this one pictured, is an efficient and elegant solution to your storage needs. It’s also perfect for organizing ALLURE products in a way that will make it easy to find what you need and keep your items neat and tidy. Here are some ways this type of closet can make your life easier:

Maximizing space – Without a doubt, a walk-in closet is the best way to maximize space in any room. Easy access – If you’re looking for something you can’t find, getting out of bed could be difficult or time consuming. With a walk-in closet, however, all your clothes are close at hand.

Convenience – With great organization comes great convenience.

Organize your shoes in 3 easy steps

First, you will need to make sure that you have an adequate amount of closet space. This can be as simple as making room in your current closet or adding a few shelves on one wall.

Next, you’ll want to designate space for your shoes so they don’t overlap each other and get lost in piles of clothes (we’re looking at you, bedroom floor). You could do this by adding shoe cubbies, stacking crates, or simply lining up rows and rows of shoes vertically or horizontally on the floor.

Finally, create a designated area for your clothing so that it’s not mixed in with all your shoes!

Organizing the rest of your closet

So, you’ve built your perfect closet and now it’s time to organize the rest of your space. Take this opportunity to make a habit out of organizing so that you can always find what you need when you need it. Start by getting rid of anything unnecessary, like clothes from past seasons or items that don’t fit well. Once everything is in its place, label bins and drawers as needed to make life easier on yourself. This will also help keep things organized in a pinch when life gets busy. Lastly, get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in your closet or organize it so that it does (like shoes).

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