chiropractor near me

chiropractor near me

While I was on the first chiropractor near me rotation after graduating from medical school, I learned that chiropractors are not healers at all. They are incredibly talented neurologists, but they don’t know anything about medicine. I heard other doctors on the rotation argue with the new chiropractor, saying, “Yes, I’ve been hurt in my spine too!” “No, you haven’t!” “Well, I have had shoulder pain and I’ve gotten a chiropractor, so that’s proof.” As soon as we arrived at our first office visit, the new chiropractor near me examined me and said, “Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.” He said he could work on any nerve and muscle that hurt, but never gave me any suggestions for a solution. I was disappointed at his incompetence, but soon realized that he had no authority to act on his incompetence.

The next week, my girlfriend (who was also a doctor) and I went to another chiropractor near me who was a better doctor and had stronger diagnostic skills. He told me I had the most complex spinal cord contusion he had ever seen. I was surprised and confused and hurt. “Of course, I have a spinal cord contusion! How could you not have seen this?” He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “I know this is a complicated fracture, but you have almost a complete fracture of the fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae.” In case you’re unfamiliar with the name of these bones, the fifth and sixth vertebrae are extremely complex, elaborate bones that extend out of your spine and are responsible for your balance, sight, hearing and speech. When I heard the word “complete,” I didn’t know what to think. I believed I had some kind of neck fracture, but it was complete? What is that, anyway?

That night, I was lying in bed thinking about my upcoming surgery. I told myself I had a perfect case for a spinal surgery and that it was a perfect case to prove that chiropractors aren’t healers. I came to the conclusion that chiropractic cannot heal anything and is not a valid form of medicine at all. I decided I wouldn’t wait for the surgery. I was going to see a second chiropractor near me that evening. I told my girlfriend I would call her after the appointment, and I ended up going to a chiropractor that was the only one I had ever heard of, a chiropractor that wrote a popular textbook. He claimed to be able to fix anything with chiropractic, but I didn’t like the way he looked at me. I thought he was suspicious and frightened.

It took awhile for him to diagnose me, and when he finally did, he said, “Here’s a spinal contusion.” I was very confused. “This is what you’re going to fix?” I asked him if he had been hurt in his spine, and if that was why he wasn’t a doctor at all. “Oh, no, I’ve never been hurt in my spine,” he said. “I’m a chiropractor, so I don’t know anything about medicine.” Then I asked him how he knew I had a neck fracture. “You have neck pain.” He didn’t need to tell me that. I knew. I went back to see him a few days later, and he said that he was going to fix my neck.



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