Digital Signage Hardware

Digital Signage Hardware
Digital Signage Hardware

Digital Signage Hardware, One of the key components of any digital signage hardware and software. In this article, we’ll discuss what hardware you need to get your displays up and running, as well as how much it will cost and where you can buy it from.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage Hardware, are two-dimensional video displays that display information on a panel of glass or plastic. There is no backlight for the display, but instead, both the front and rear of each side of the screen are lit by an electron beam – which allows images to be displayed. Digital signage is used to display promotional material such as coupons or advertisements. For larger-scale advertising like billboards or other large public events, digital signages are more economical.

What Type Of Display Do You Need To Get Started With A Smaller Set Up Cost Digital signage is generally not available in every format required for indoor use. However, some applications allow for screens up to 80 inches in size or smaller. These types of screen sizes cost a lot less than traditional ones. This could include anything from $10-$20 per square foot, depending on the configuration. The most popular applications include museums or art galleries, malls, stores, restaurants, movie theaters, sporting venues, and retail stores. Most modern buildings now feature signs with TVs installed in them – so this isn’t necessary for the majority of businesses. Here’s just a handful of examples of locations using digital signage in a commercial setting: Apple Store

  • Red Bull Drinkpipes – Barcelona (Spain)
  • Nike Running Shoes & Air Jordan Sneakers – New York City (USA)
  • Starbucks Coffee Shop/Coffee Lounge South Beach, Florida (USA)
  • Theater West End – London (UK)
  • Vegas Motor Park – Las Vegas (USA)
  • The Coca-Cola Museum Downtown Atlanta (USA)

Digital Signage Hardware

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Your Own Digital Signage Hardware And Software?

Digital signage hardware and software costs vary greatly based on the size of the screen and whether it has all the features you need for an efficient setup. Some products even come with additional accessories and options that aren’t always included with purchase. If you’re looking to upgrade a product or add another mode of communication within your business, then you may want to consider investing in one specific device. Many newer technologies and standards, however, are relatively inexpensive when compared to their older counterparts. Our list below gives you an idea of how pricey different components of digital signage can be. Note – prices listed here are not meant as recommendations to budget-conscious individuals, but rather the manufacturer’s listed price for its respective component.

Also, note that all prices listed are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP). So if you see a deal you like, simply take it! We’ve already talked about MSRPs for various kinds of electronic devices, but these aren’t necessarily applicable here, as they are typically only relevant if you are selling a particular device. That said, some manufacturers have made great strides over recent years in becoming more transparent with pricing by providing estimated MSRP along with the actual device.

We have provided links at the bottom of the page below for those interested in learning more about the differences between MSRP and MSRP. As always, contact us immediately regarding any questions or concerns with any device mentioned. Check out our articles on Amazon Basics – Everything you need to know, and Amazon Basics Advanced – How to choose and configure a new device right from your Alexa app, too. We are extremely happy to help you make the best choice.

Digital Signage Hardware

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