Instagram Marketing Tips: Boost Your Social Media Strategy

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Although Instagram can seem like an endless stream of photos, it is one of the most powerful social platforms for eCommerce businesses. Instagram has an 8-fold higher engagement rate than other social media platforms. This means it offers many opportunities to increase engagement and sales online through Instagram eCommerce. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Insta Marketing Tips to Drive Traffic and Conversions

This blog shares 10 Instagram marketing tips to help you improve your social media branding strategy, build brand communities, and drive eCommerce sales. When building your Instagram brand, keep these things in mind:

1. Create a Business Profile

You can reach a wider audience by creating your Instagram business profile instead of a private one. Business profiles allow people to contact your brand by phone or email and even give directions to your store. Buy Instagram Followers UK

2. Understand Your Audience

Instagram’s free analytics tools and insights allow you to view details about your audience like gender, age range, top cities, and countries. You can see which day of the week they are most active with your account.

Instagram Marketing Tips – Insights and Analytics

These analytics can help you understand your audience and guide your content marketing strategy. To determine what type of content your audience loves, analyze each post’s reach, engagement, and impressions. Create more content that they love.

3. Shop on Instagram

According to Instagram, 70% of shoppers use Instagram to find products. We recommend that you use the Instagram Shopping feature for marketing your products, regardless of whether your goal is to expand your reach, increase your target audience, or drive more eCommerce sales. Buy Instagram Followers UK

Only available for business accounts, the Instagram Shopping function allows people to shop your brand’s products from within the Instagram app and on your website. You can tag products with product tags in your posts, just like you would tag an account in a photo or a video. This will show the product name and price.

Clicking the product tag will take the user to an Instagram product detail page that displays more product photos.

4. Tell Behind the Scenes Stories About Your Brand

You can boost your social media marketing strategy and build a community by sharing your brand’s story on Instagram Stories. Although there are many things you can post on Instagram Stories, it is an excellent way for your audience to see the “behind-the-scenes” of your brand. Buy Instagram Followers UK

To make potential customers feel special and excited for the live launch, tease them and give them a first glimpse into a new product line. For a peek at a day in your brand’s life, have a friend or social media influencer manage your Instagram Stories. You have endless possibilities to build a brand community and strengthen relationships with your followers.

5. Make use of the Highlights Feature

Instagram Stories vanish after 24 hours. We encourage brands to use the Highlights feature to keep Stories relevant and at the top of their company profile. The screenshot below shows how this lifestyle blog uses Highlights for DIY videos, podcasts, and links to group their Instagram Stories. They also keep them accessible to their followers.

Instagram Marketing Tips: Make the Highlights Feature a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

6. Repost and Engage with User-Generated Content

It’s easy to get your audience to post about your brand. Try creating a post with the caption you want to show your audience their experiences with your brand. You can ask them to create a hashtag only you would use and include it in their post.

You can then repost your favorite user-generated content to your business profile. Make sure to check the caption and video of your user-generated content before you post it.

If you don’t want to post a particular post on your business profile, make sure you interact with it by liking and commenting. This will make your customers feel valued and part of a larger community. Buy Instagram Followers UK

7. Make Sponsored Ads

Sponsored ads can help you reach more people, increase your followers and make more sales online. Our eCommerce Advertising Guide explains the different Instagram advertising formats, including Explore Ads and IGTV ads. There are many options!

Because Instagram ads look exactly like other posts or Stories on a user’s feed, they are powerful. They only have the “Sponsored” and sometimes a link to shop. Businesses can even promote posts they have already shared on Instagram (and track engagement) by simply clicking the “promote” button.

8. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of our favorite Instagram marketing tips. Brands that partner with influencers can expand their reach and convert the influencers’ Instagram followers into paying customers. This increased word-of-mouth marketing strategy is a great way to increase engagement, followers, and, most importantly, conversions.

HubSpot says that 81% of marketers believe influencer marketing to be effective. 71% of respondents say they think influencer marketing has a better quality customer base and more traffic than other sources. Ensure the influencers you partner with aligning with your brand’s values, identity, and goals.

9. Selling E-Gift cards directly on Instagram

Instagram introduced a new feature to allow users to support their favorite businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. This feature is an Instagram Story sticker that allows businesses to sell digital gift cards on Instagram. This means that consumers can buy gift cards directly from Instagram. Buy Instagram Followers UK

This sticker can be used to increase your gift card sales. It’s a great strategy all year, but don’t forget about holidays when people are more likely to shop for gift cards.

10. To launch new launches, use the Countdown Sticker

Instagram has a countdown sticker that can be used for Stories, just like the gift card sticker. This is a great way to announce product launches and increase anticipation. Buy Instagram Followers UK

It also helps them to mark important dates in their calendars so that they don’t forget the date and are the first to see the new product/offer.

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