KBC Show 2023: What Said Amitabh Bachchan About Vada Pav During Show

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In KBC Show 2023 newest episode, Amitabh Bachchan rejoins Diaz after contestant Jyothirmay leaves the hot seat. Starting again with a faster finger, Big B shares three questions and contestant Rishi Rajpoot earns a chance to take the hot seat.

First Time Amitab Bachchan Ask For Tissue

Contestant Feathery is emotional and excited at the same time in KBC Show 2023 as Big B comes and hands him a tissue and says “This is the first time I’ve given a handkerchief to a man” before Huge B presents the challenger. Kanpur. Uttar Pradesh. 

Amitab Bachchan Got Emotional

A small video of the contestant is shown to the audience at KBC Show 2023 about his welding profession. After watching the video, Big B and the audience were emotional and praised his courage and efforts.

The first question for 1000 rupees

Now Big B,s Started KBC Show and the first question for 1000 rupees was:

Which of these vegetables is not generally green?

  • Bean
  • Potato
  • Okra
  • Fenugreek

Rishi asks Big B to lock option B and earn Rs 1,000. Big B asked him if he liked eating potatoes.

The second question for Rs 2,000

He won Rs 2,000 by giving the correct answer at KBC. After answering the contestant’s second question at Rs 2,000, Rishi interrupts Big B and asks if he likes eating junk food like momos and fingers. Big B immediately asks “What is Momo?” And Rishi clarifies for Huge Honey bee what Momo is. The way things are made in Delhi, UP and different states.

Big B,s Favourite Vada Pav

Big B immediately replied, “Gentlemen, I love Vada Pav so much. Yes, look at my biggest fan of Vada Pav. You can eat Vada Pav. I haven’t tasted it.” The first time a contestant was served with Big B,s Favourite Vada Pav by Amitab Bachchan at KBC company 2023.

10th question for Rs 3,20,000

After answering 9 questions correctly, Big B submitted the 10th question for Rs 3,20,000 and the questions were:

Which of the following did not win the gold medal for India at the 2022 Commonwealth Games?

  • Bajrang Bunya
  • Neeraj Chopra
  • pf the bond
  • Mirai Chano

Rishi receives the first check of Rs 3,20,000 from Amitabh Bachchan

Rishi asks Big B to lock option B, wins Rs 3,20,000 and receives the first check from Amitabh Bachchan from KBC company. Rishi asked Big B to give this check to his mom, Big B said you were very good, but later said, “Let’s make another check.”Amitabh Bachchan congratulates contestant Rishi and wishes him all the best in his future and wishes him to win a large sum of prize money for the show.

12th question for Rs 12,50,000

Big B asked him more questions and the contestant landed the 12th question at Rs 12,50,000 the questions were:

Who is the singer who inspired the documentary Zindagi Ek Safar?

  • Mohamed Rafi
  • mana day
  • Kishore Kumar
  • Hemant Kumar

Audience’s vote

Rishi is the audience’s vote for being unsure of what question to ask as the first lifeline. Big B asks the audience to help answer, and the audience starts to choose the option with the highest vote for option C, so Rishi closes option C with the audience. Then he won 1,250,000 rupees.

12th question for Rs 25,00,000

Subsequent to responding to a couple of inquiries, Huge B poses the following inquiry for Rs 25,00,000. Here are the questions:

In which city did Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi commission India’s first indigenously built aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant?

  • Visakhapatnam
  • Kochi
  • Mumbai
  • surah

After thinking for a while, Rishi asks Big B to lock option B Kochi, and Big B states that it is the correct answer. After seeing everyone standing and applauding him. Subsequent to responding to a couple of inquiries, Huge B poses the following inquiry for Rs 25,00,000. Big B was shocked and said everyone thinks and says the same thing when they come to KBC.

Then Big B starts the next question for Rs 50,00,00.

Here are the questions:

What famous hotel did Mahatma Gandhi call “Her Majesty’s Hotel”?

  • Prison
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Train

Video call with a friend

Rishi doesn’t know his answer, so he asks for the second lifeline, a video call with a friend. The computer showed three names given by Rishi and chose Nishkarsh Tripathi. After reciting the question to his friend, Niskarsh was unable to answer it, leaving Rishi no choice but to take another lifeline in the 50:50 ratio. After taking the last lifeline, two wrong choices B and C are removed, so Rishi asks Big B to lock option A, thinking about the options from the beginning but not sure.

Big B Serves Vada Pav To Rishi During Show

So Big B shouts and congratulates her for being the correct answer and wins 50,000,000 rupees. Big B says later. Even today you can taste my favourite food vada pav. Bhisab, this is Vada Pav. The inside of the cake is called vada and the bread is called pub. Come here, this mirchie, this is so sour. You will be able to play it later, otherwise, it is not our responsibility later when Big B asked him if he liked it, 

How much does a Vada Pao cost?

Rishi said: For the first time how much does a Vada Pao cost? “Big response” Now you can take it regularly. You won 50,000,000 from KBC company and asked for the price. The good thing about it is that it is very cheap and fills you up. Leave the show after I eat it with dinner

15th question for Rs 7,500,000

After their talk, Big B started with the 15th question for Rs 7,500,000. The question was:

What was the last living animal in India believed to have been shot by the Maharaja of Kia in 1947?

  • Nilgiri tar
  • Asian cheetah
  • Sumatran rhino
  • pink head duck

Big B said it was the correct answer

Contestant Rishi states that he knows the question because he read it somewhere, but is unsure and wants to finish the game because there is no available lifeline. Before leaving Big B, he asked the viewer to say the correct answer by choosing one of the options, Rishi choose option B and Big B said it was the correct answer, but the good thing is that he didn’t risk it. After Rishi leaves, Amitabh Bachchan returns to Diaz and before he can say anything, the horns roar and the KBC Show ends.

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