The Best Men’s Eyeglasses for Every Face Shape

Just like the clothing you wear, the eyeglasses you choose should complement your face shape. The wrong glasses can make you look disproportioned, so it’s important to choose a style that flatters your features. Not sure what your face shape is? Use a measuring tape or ruler to find out. Once you’ve got that down, here are the best eyeglass frames for men of each face shape.

Rectangle Face Shape
If you have a rectangular face shape, look for glasses that have more width than they do height. This will help to add some extra definition to your face and make it appear more proportionate. Stay away from boxy frames, as they will only emphasize your already-angular jawline. Instead, go for round or oval frames to soften your features.

Oval Face Shape
Oval faces are considered to be the “ideal” face shape because they are well-proportioned. If you have an oval face, you can pretty much pull off any type of frame because almost all shapes will complement your features. However, if you want to add a little bit of extra definition to your face, go for frames that are wider than they are tall. And if you want to make your face appear narrower, choose frames with thick rims.

Round Face Shape
If you have a round face, go for angular frames that will help give your face some definition. Stay away from really wide frames, as they will only emphasize the width of your face. And avoid round frames, as they will only make your face look even more circular. The best eyeglass frames for men with round faces aresquare or rectangular shapes.

Square Face Shape
Square faces have strong, angular jawlines and forehead—much like a rectangle face shape. If you have a square face, go for glasses that will help soften your features. Look for glasses with rounded edges or ones that are taller than they are wide. And stay away from boxy or square frames, as they will only accentuate the angles of your face.

Triangle Face Shape (aka “Heart”)
If your forehead is significantly wider than your chin (i.e., you have a triangular or “heart” shaped face), then you’ll want to choose glasses that help balance out your facial proportions. Look for glasses with thick bottoms and rims that are wider than your forehead—this will help draw attention downward and make your chin appear more proportional to the rest of your facial features. And avoid any styles with really thin rims or no rims at all, as they will only accentuate the narrowness of your chin and make your forehead appear even wider in comparison.

No matter what type of men’s eyeglasses you’re looking for—whether it’s a pair of classic wayfarers or something more modern—you need to make sure that the style you choose complements your unique facial features. The key is finding a pair offrames that contrast withyourface shape in order to create balance and symmetry. Hopefully this guide has given you a better idea of where to start as you search for the perfect pair of glasses!

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